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Paintings Painting has been my life-long passion.
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Main Beach, Qld
Except for the group from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the images below are arranged in roughly chronological order and will be added to from time to time.
Made with Xara
13 15 He Rode Through Many Kingdoms
14 17 The Castle Battlements
15 18 I Welcome You Sir Knight
16 46 He Told His Wonderful Tale
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17 1 Heralded by the Church Bell Chimes
18 47 Sir Gawain Was Coming
Two of the other 18 paintings in the book Media: Watercolour, gold and palladium leaf
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Four of the 30 miniatures painted to illustrate the book Media: Watercolour, gold and palladium leaf
1 163 Dragons Aren’t Everything
2 164 Kuranda
3 214 Hibiscus on the Wind
4 238 Pentangle of Truths
5 253 Cymbeline
6 268 Golden Child
7 402 Sunlit Bank Colo River
8 25 Heldu at Refuge Bay
9 255 Mask
10 264 I am the Bull of Seven Battles
11 266 I Am the God Who Fashions Fire
12 269 Ensorcelling Arthur
Main Beach, Qld
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Made with Xara